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Land of the mighty Bezoar Ibex and big Wild Boar tuskers

Turkey is not only the ideal coastal holiday destination at the Turkish Riviera , but  it is also one of the prime hunting destinations for those looking to bag a huge Wild Boar with big tuskers or to hunt the beautiful Bezoar Ibex in the mountains.

Turkey hosts a very good population of Wild Boar , with some very good trophies available with big tusks. Hunting pressure in the mountain areas is very low and poaching is non existing, so the big males get the time to grow into real monsters. Trophy sizes of the tusks can go up to 30 cm and over, with a body weight going well over 200 kg.

The mighty Bezoar Ibex, with horn length of 100 to 135 cm, in one of the most beautiful huntable mountain species available. This challenging hunt will test your physical abilities to the extreme with a fantastic trophy as a reward.

More exotic species like Middle Eastern red Deer, Anatolian Chamois, Anatolian Brown bear and the very rare Konya Sheep can also be taken.

A very popular hunting formula is the “Cruise and hunt”, where you and your family or friends will be accommodated on a sailboat or luxury gulet during your  hunting trip for Wild Boar.