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Individual Trophy hunts and classic driven hunts for Red Deer, Fallow deer and Wild Boar

Tophunt Travel will help make your hunting dream come true in Hungary.

 Indiviual Trophy hunts

A personal and highly skilled professional hunting guide accompanies you on the quest for your “once in a lifetime” Red Deer stag, Fallow Deer stag or Wild Boar trophy tusker. Our vast terrains are known worldwide for their exceptional numbers of game and trophy quality. Different consecutive world records were taken here for Fallow Deer and Wild Boar.

Red Deer stags with trophy weights exceeding 10 kilo are no exception. Both high seat hunts and Walk & Stalk hunts or a combination of both can be organized.

Driven hunts for Wild Boar

Spectacular driven hunts in unfenced areas for Wild Boar, hinds and calves, will offer you multiple shooting opportunities a day. Driven hunts in fenced areas will produce even higher results. a day result of 50 wild boar for a group of 10 hunters is no exception.

Hungarian hunting trips can be combined with a city trip to Budapest or a holiday at Lake Balaton.