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Impressive Roebuck, Moose and Capercaillie

Sweden is a vast country with a huge diversity of game. 

the Southern part posts medal trophy Roebuck with his typical long antlers reaching up to 26 cm and more. The quality of fallow deer is also truly exceptional.

In the rugged and scarcely populated North with its big forests you will live the ultimate wildlife experience when you are on the pursuit of European Elk or Moose. Specially trained dogs chase and hold the Moose on the spot allowing the hunter to get in an ideal shooting position. A dream trophy will be the reward of a hard day of work out in the wild.

Tophunt even offers a traditional ski hunt on the Capercaillie, one of the most beautiful hunting birds available.

When looking for another unique trophy to add to your trophy room, why not go for a Beaver hunt in the Swedish wetlands.

In the neighboring country of Sweden, Norway, we host some of the most exclusive hunts on European Reindeer, a truly special hunt in a delightful place.

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