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The Rainforest

The primary rainforest in Southern Cameroon is the biotope of unique animals such as the beautiful Bongo antelope, the Forest  Sitatunga and the Forest Buffalo, which can all be hunted on one and the same expedition. 

Next to the Giant Forest Hog and Red River Hog you will find five species of Duiker together with the rare Bates Pygmee Antelope.

The Savannah

On the untamed savannah of Northern Cameroon you will search for tracks of the illustrious Lord Derby or Giant eland and the Western Roan Antelope. 

Species of antelope like the Western Hartebeest, Waterbuck, Western Bushbuck and Western Kob are strongly represented. 

Our traditional camp is situated on the banks of the Faro river and is inviting fisherman to hook a Tiger Fish, Nile Perch or a nice Catfish.

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